Product Care

How to protect the pearls

Things containing alcohol, acid, ammonia will damage the surface of pearls and make pearls lose their luster. Therefore it’s essential to put on the pearl jewellery 5-10 minutes after you apply perfume, hairspray and makeup. If you know you are going to sweat a lot, it’s better to take off your pearl jewellery. Sweat will make pearls dirty and damage the luster.

If you forget to take the pearls off when you take a shower or bath, clean the pearls immediately as listed above after you realise that. After that leave them on a dry soft cloth.

If you scratch a pearl surface, use olive oil to gently rub on the scratched area.

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How to store the pearls

Pearls are durable if you keep them properly and they could be handed down to several generations. After your purchase, it’s important to find a proper bag or case and a suitable place to keep them.

Don’t place the pearls in a plastic bag for a long time. As is known, pearls are considered to be able to breathe even after they are taken out of the oysters or the shells. Leave them in a bag made of soft cloth, silk, a velvet box or a satin pouch.

Keeping pearls from other hard jewelleries like silver or gold things is also necessary because the surface of the pearls may be scratched and lose the lustre.

If the environment is a little damp the life of the pearls will be prolonged as pearls like that environment.

How to clean the pearls

After some time, the pearls may be a little bit dirty or with some body oil on the surface. Then it’s time to clean them. This could be done by yourself.

Prepare a soft cloth with some water (just make the cloth feel wet). Then rub the pearls gently with the cloth. Be careful not to wet the thread.

If the pearls are quite dirty, some jewellery cleaner may be used. But remember not to use the cleaner with the vinegar. Seek advice before do this.